10 Reasons why Crochet Hairstyles

by Umona Hair October 29, 2018

We at Umona Hair are very big on Crochet hairstyles and not because we sell them 😉. We thought we would give you 10 great reasons why Crochet Hairstyles rock! So here goes our list.

Perfect Hair


  1. It is a great protective hairstyle.

  2. All your natural hair can be safely tucked away.

  3. Crochet hairstyles are the best DIY styles and one you attempt on your own. As long as you can cornrow your hair, the rest is easy. In fact, a major win is that your cornrow don't have to be super neat because they’ll be covered.

  4. Crochet hairstyles are inexpensive.

  5. In comparison to other hairstyles, crochet hairstyles can be done in just a few short hours so it’s a great option when you are short on time.Save Time

  6. Crochet hairstyles can look very natural.

  7. The versatility of crochet hairstyles is incredible, from styles such as twists, curls or braids; the options are immense.Boring Hair

  8. You can always make adjustments to your hairstyle - you can remove some hair if your hairstyle feels too heavy or look too full and you can add in places where you feel more volume is required.

  9. You can control the tension on your scalp to ensure that your hair will have more room for the crochet hairstyle to be added.

  10. Lastly, it is easy to take out, simply cut the added hair as close to the knots as you can. Be careful not to cut your own hair. You then unravel your cornrows; the crochet knots should fall out as you take out your cornrows.

Umona Hair
Umona Hair


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