How to Look After Your Hair Underneath Your Crochet Hairstyle!

by Umona Hair November 26, 2018

Crochet hairstyles are the real deal and whilst we are all about rocking them, we mustn’t forget about our own natural hair underneath. A lot of people tend to get crochet hairstyles and forget about their own hair. Once the style has been installed, they do nothing and when the style is taken out, the real hair is dry and brittle which can lead to breakage. We decided to bring you some tips to help care for your natural hair whilst you enjoy your crochet hairstyle.


Prior to getting your hairstyle installed, be sure to thoroughly cleanse and deep condition your real hair for the journey ahead. The good news is that crochet hairstyles tend to give you access to your scalp which makes maintaining easier. In order to keep it cleansed and moisturised regularly, firstly, we suggest that you never wash your hair whilst your crochet hairstyle is installed, this is to prevent matting. Instead we suggest using a spray bottle, mix in some shampoo and conditioner with water, spay your scalp and use a wet flannel to remove the residue. You may also follow with just water and spray directly to your scalp and this time use a dry flannel to clean away. Remember to be gentle so as to not cause excess frizz.


Spray Bottle for Essential Oil Mist

TIP 1: Make sure your mixture is not too thick


Another method to keeping your scalp clean is dry shampoo; apply the dry shampoo using a warm damp towel/ cloth to clean your scalp. Blot away with a clean towel/ cloth as necessary. Be gentle!

Shea Moisture Dry Shampoo

TIP 2: We like Shea Moisture’s Dry Shampoo


Secondly, we suggest that you keep your scalp moisturised, healthy hair requires constant love and for your hair, moisture is love; happy scalp = happy hair. Apply moisturiser directly to your scalp and use your preferred oil to seal the moisture into your scalp accordingly. Do not forget about your edges, in fact we suggest putting stimulating oil on your hairline daily. You may also apply some leave-in-conditioner to your hair, but this will depend on the type of crochet hairstyle you have installed. The point is to ensure that your hair is not left dry and abandoned underneath your beautiful hairstyle.

Applicator Bottle

TIP 3: Applicator bottles are perfect for applying oil to your scalp without making a mess


Thirdly, we suggest not pulling your hair up too tightly or applying too much tension when you put your hair into various styles, this is to avoid breakage and hair loss. Even subtle root pulling and tugging over time can lead to traction alopecia (a condition where hair is unable to grow in certain parts of the head). The key is to make sure you’re not feeling any strain on your scalp whilst you’ve put your hair in a style.


Lastly, headscarf or a hair bonnet is key, preferably silk or satin. Not only to ensure your hairstyle stays fresh for longer, it also helps protect your natural hair. And we keep saying this because it’s true, remember not to keep your hair in for too long. The same way you put your hair away to rest by protective styling, the same way it needs to breathe and take a break between styles.


Add your own tips down in the comments so we can all share;)

Umona Hair
Umona Hair


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