How to Revive your Synthetic Wig

by Umona Hair May 27, 2019 2 Comments

As you may already know, synthetic wigs require very little effort, however after a while as with most things, it can get old and can get matted. In today’s post we will be giving you all the details you need to revive your synthetic wig. There is a whole list of things you can do to keep your wig looking alive and brand new again.

Here are some of the simple steps we suggest, to bring life back to your synthetic wig.

1. Let’s start with what you’ll need.

  • A wide toothed comb and a paddle brush
  • Special shampoo and conditioner or liquid detergent and fabric softer
  • A bowl
  • A wig-stand or a blow-dryer
  • A steamer or straighteners
DoTheRightThing- Combs/Brushes To Use When Styling Synthetic WigsDo the right thing!
2. The Steps
  • Finger remove/ brush out tangles from your wig.
  • Get a large bowl filled with cold water. Do not use hot water as it may damage the fibre.
  • Next, add a cap of your shampoo and conditioner or the liquid detergent and fabric softener (fabric softener works like a conditioner).
  • Submerge your wig in the water and let it sit for up to one hour. You may soak it for longer or even overnight, depending on how much love your wig needs.
  • After your wig has been soaked to your satisfaction, pour away the soapy water and refill with cold clean water, rinse by swishing the wig back and forth, you may rinse a few times till the water is clear.
  • Once the wig is clean, pour out the water from the howl, use a towel or cotton fabric to gently squeeze out the excess water from the wig. Do not brush or comb your wig whilst it is wet.
  • Finally, allow the wig to dry out naturally on a wig-stand. You may use a blow-dryer on the cool setting to blow dry the wig.
Awesome Wig Shampoo
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3. Styling

  • Once your wig is dry, apply some styling cream and brush or comb to detangle your wig.
  • If your wig is frizzy, steaming can be a more effective option as oppose to straightening.
  • Use the steamer alongside a fine-toothed comb to straighten and reduce frizz.
  • Remember to exercise some patience, gently steam the wig.
  • And if you’re using straighteners, be sure to keep the temperature at 180°C (approximately 350°F) or below.

So, there you have it. We would love to know if and how you revive your synthetic wigs. Drop us a comment below with your product recommendations.

Umona Hair
Umona Hair


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June 09, 2019

Wow, this is great stuff I will definately try it.


June 09, 2019

This is so helpful – love my synthetic wig but it’s defo been needing some TLC. Wouldn’t have thought to use fabric softener but makes sense!

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