The Best Crochet Hairstyles

by Umona Hair May 13, 2019

If you have been following us, you will know that we are obsessed with crochet hair and are committed to sharing styling ideas that will keep you on top of your hair game. If it’s your first time here, welcome to the fold. In today’s blog post, we’ll be talking about ways to level up your crochet hairstyle.

Crochet hair is a popular choice because they are easy to install, lightweight and beautiful. One of the greatest benefits is how versatile crochet hair is and below are 4 simple – yet creative ways – to try today.

1. Half Braided/Half Down Look

 Half Braided, Half Down Crochet Style

credit: @issarae

Achieve this fun style with cornrows at the front of the hair and unraveled crochet hair at the back. To achieve this look, try our Cubic Twists or Havana Mambo Twists for double the volume


2. Sleek Crochet Ponytail

 Sleek Crochet Ponytail

credit: @micaiahransby

This sleek style is great for every occasion from casual to formal. All you need is to use some gel to slick your natural hair into a low bun. After this, you can loop your crochet hair through a hairband to create a crochet ponytail that can be attached to your bun. It’s really that simple and easy.

You can glam up this look with some accessories like gold bobby pins. Achieve this look with our Havana Mambo Twists.


3. Sleek Half Up/Half Down Look

 Sleek Half Up/Half Down Look

credit @livin_fearless

This look takes elements from style 1 and 2 to create another fun, flirty option. The front half of your hair can be slicked and a crochet pony tail attached. For the back, simply cornrow your hair and loop the crochet hair through as normal. After this, just unravel the twists at back to get the full look. 

Get this look with our Havana Mambo Twists and if you are feeling daring, why not try this style in a different colour?


4. Chopped & Distressed Faux Locs

Distresses Faux Lors

credit @wigsbyyomi

This is hands-down one of our favourite looks and the best part – all you need is some scissors and hair accessories. Once you have installed you crochet locs using the method you choose (cornrows, singles or a combination of both), use scissors to cut the locs to your desired length and pull at the ends to distress the locs. 

Add some hair jewellery and accessories to complete the look.  This style was created with our Faux Locs.


These are only a few ideas you on how you can style your crochet hair. Let us know below which style you would like to try in the comments below.

Whatever you decide to do with your crochet hair, make sure you slay!

Umona Hair
Umona Hair


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